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vonnie york, owner, lead editor

Vonnie is a freelance writer and editor with over a decade of professional experience in the trade industry. Vonnie specializes in working with authors who are interested in collaborative project development, a specialized process that ensures the finished manuscript, short story, essay, collection, etc. is the best possible work of creative expression that the author envisioned for it.

Vonnie’s style is approachable in that she allows the author’s creativity and vision for their work to take precedence over any vision she may also have for the work. Vonnie believes her role as an editor is to serve as guidance and support for authors.

To this endeavor, she brings extensive expertise in the form of a creative writing MA, an MPS in Publishing, and multiple supplementary training sessions in developmental editing, ghostwriting, diversity reading and editing, copyediting, and line editing from some of the industry’s most talented and well-established editors.

Vonnie works in multiple genres but especially prefers creative nonfiction, memoir, short story, narrative journalism, romance, adventure, true crime, mystery and detective fiction, thrillers, contemporary, and upmarket fiction.

Vonnie can be reached at vonnie@creativeeditingservices.com. Her satire and other creative works can be read on her personal website, And the Plot Thickens.

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Amy delcambre, content marketing writer & editor

Amy Delcambre is a freelance content marketing writer & editor who currently serves as the managing editor for The Storyteller Agency. Amy not only writes and edits blogs, articles, white paper, press releases, and web content for clients, but she also manages social media, advises on social media marketing plans, and creates content schedules for clients seeking marketing services. Amy is well-versed in using Hootsuite, Canva, Trello, and other content creation and workflow programs in her services to clients. Amy’s website is www.amydelcambre.ink, and she can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


 why hire creative editing services?

I am not a faceless brand, and you are not a product. You are a writer with great ideas and goals. You have a story that needs to be told, and I recognize that. The yearning you feel to become a published author is palpable; however, there are internal and external factors that keep you from starting, finishing, or publishing your story (time, perspective, resources, industry know-how, confidence, etc.). I understand that, which is why I want to work with you.

I love getting my hands dirty, delving into a new story, discovering what makes it work, figuring out how to take it to the next level, and giving writers a clear road map for taking something beautiful and precious, their manuscript, and readying it for the world to read and to appreciate.

Disclaimer: While common sense dictates such, I feel it necessary to state that I, nor any editor, can guarantee that editorial services will land you an agent, get you in with a publisher, or will guarantee you meteoric success on the self-publishing market.

Of course, I can assure you that having your work professionally edited (and obviously, applying said edits to your work) will substantially improve your chances of achieving success.